Consignment by Appointment Only
Call now for FALL 2018 appointments 
    We accept a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 45 items per appointment
·        Consignment fee is $5.00 per season - 2 seasons per year  
Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter
·       Consignor receives 50% of selling price
·       A minimum of a .50 buyer's fee is applied to some items
·       THE PINWHEEL keeps items to sell for 60 DAYS!
Consignors may receive cash (if under $20) or a check at the end of their 60 day consignment period. For those unable to stop in for payment, please call at the end of your 60 day period and we will mail your check to you.
        THE PINWHEEL keeps your items to sell for 60 days.  (* Holiday items, ie. Christmas, Halloween, Easter will remain on the floor until the last day of the holiday.)  Please call us when your consignment period has expired to have a check sent to you. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CONSIGNER to pull and pick up any unsold articles during the last week of the consignment period.  Consigner 's should mark their calendar for pick up date, and allow sufficient time to locate their items in the store.  Any articles left in our possession beyond the expiration date of consignment becomes the property of THE PINWHEEL. These items are either donated to charity or reduced to sell.
          We are very picky about the items we accept for consignment.  We have eagle eyes and great lighting in the store.   Experience has taught us the effort you use to make your items "fresh and appealing to others" will increase sales and consignor payouts.   Therefore . . .
  •  Items from discount storese.g. Walmart, Kmart, Payless Shoes, etc
    Clothing with stains or discoloration - Check collars, cuffs inseams, seat area, underarms, elbows and knees
  • Clothing with loose stitching, broken zippers, missing buttons, pills
  • Smoky or musty smelling items
  • Clothing in large plastic bags -  Clothing must be laundered, wrinkle-free and ready to put out on the floor
  • Children's clothing or items
  • Wedding or bridesmaid attire
  • Prom dresses
  • Maternity clothing
  • Items with personal monograms
  • Shoes that are scuffed, stained, have worn soles or heels
  • Housewares / Jewelry - with broken/missing pieces, scratches, dents.  Watches must be in working order
  • Electronics, except lamps
  • Stuffed bedding, pillows, toys
        It is the policy of THE PINWHEEL to examine your items at the time of consignment. If a defect is noticed during the 60 day selling period, THE PINWHEEL may reduce the item to sell or remove the item from the selling floor.  Please check your items carefully.